Frequently Asked Questions


How do you help students prepare for the SAT?

  • Give them four practice tests. This helps familiarize them with the test format and allows them a chance to track their progress.
  • Teach them specific strategies for each of the three test sections. For example, on the critical reading passages I teach them how to spend the majority of their time answering the questions as opposed to reading the passage. 


What resources are provided?

  • Each student is given a notebook which outlines strategies, includes workbook pages, and contains most frequently tested vocabulary. Every student is also given the College Board's official book with practice tests.

Is extra help available for free after the test?

  • Yes


Do you tutor areas of specific needs for students who struggle with one particular section of the SAT?

  • Yes, tutoring plans can be personalized to meet each student's needs.

Do you tutor for the PSAT? What differences exist beween PSAT and SAT prep?

  • Yes, I do PSAT tutoring.
  • The PSAT is a shorter version of the SAT and does not have an essay. The strategies I teach students for the SAT work just as well on the PSAT.  The only difference is there is no essay prep. for the PSAT.


Do you do ACT prep?

  • Yes


Should my child take the SAT or ACT?

  • This largely depends on whether your child prefers tackling longer sections and getting a whole subject done at one time (ACT), or prefers doing multiple, shorter sections in one subject (SAT).